Hi, I'm Faizaan Madhani

A poetic coder and spoken word poet.

What I Do

I write code, perform poetry and write. Currently, I'm a research intern at the Mcmaster University department of Mechanical Engineering, a SHAD fellow, and a software developer at Halcyon, a mental health based startup. I lead multiple clubs at my school, and am an aspiring computer scientist.


I've worked on multiple projects in languages such as Java, C++ and Python. I can pick up new programming concepts quickly

Web Development

I can design and wireframe websites using Sketch, and build them using HTML, CSS, Javascript other JS frameworks.


I'm a writer, a poet, and a speaker. I can ghostwrite articles, edit papers, and spin up stories in minutes.

CAD Design

I have experience working with softwares like SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCad and Fusion 360. I have also taught workshops and I lead the MakerSpace at school.

What I'm Currently Doing

I'm building a program that models the canoe blade strokes in real time, for rowers to be able to see their stroke efficiency.
Under advisement from Dr. Tullis at Mcmaster University, I'm building a user-friendly, tangible companion to his research on canoe blade hydrodynamics.

About Me

I'm a Grade 10 student from Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. I'm doing the IB Diploma, while remaining as sane a possible. I like to read, write, perform, speak, design and build things with words, hardware and software.

I've written articles, run workshops and told stories. I'm meticulous, creative and enthusiastic, tackling each task with a sense of urgency and purpose.


Drop Me a Line

Want to sit down, have coffee, and talk about something cool?
I'm your guy.
Whether it's a project you want to team up on, a business you want to start, or an organization you want me to be part of, don't hesitate to fill out the contact form below.