These are some of the projects I've worked on or am working on. The rest can be found on my github profile here or my devpost profile here. For each project, click the Github logo to be taken to the repository.

Choose Your Adventure

Build and Share your own choose-your-own-adventure stories

Developed a web-application to allow authors to develop and share stories using a graph-based UI with an integrated markdown editor. Submitted to Hack the North 2021.

Business Education Partnership

An online platform to help high school students determine their post-secondary career pathways

As part of my work at UW Blueprint, I developed a matching platform to help high school students meet local employers and industry professionals for job and volunteer oppurtunities, to help them easily learn about their post-secondary pathways.

Building Up

A GraphQL Based online fundraising platform

As a Technical Lead for UW Blueprint, I drove the development for the first half of an online fundraising platform to help not-for-profits raise through community outreach. Users would be able to sign up, recruit members of their school community, raise money and compete against other schools in the country.


Generate Math Contests, powered by Elasticsearch

In an effort to explore GraphQL and web scraping, I built an API that triaged and indexed over 1000 AMC Math Contest Questions and generated practice contests for students based on filters. Built using JavaScript and GraphQL, with a backend powered by Elasticsearch.

Social Development Centre

Digital Flowcharts to provide access to social-services information

As part of my work at UW Blueprint, I helped develop an online platform to allow users to retrieve information regarding legal, housing and financial help in their community.


Hack the 6ix 2019

A mobile app that tracks your driving to determine whether or not you have a road rage problem. Built using OpenCV, React Native (Expo) and Flask. I was responsible for the OpenCV backend.


The visual search engine for molecules in AR. Presented at Hack the North 2019

MoleculAR is an AR application that takes in the common names of almost all possible chemicals, computationally generates a 3D structure of that molecule and proceeds to render that in an AR space. I built the AR Frontend using ViroReact and acted in a PM Role.